How much does RadioActivity cost?

pricing and service levels

We know it's hard to run a station on a tight budget, which is why we won't give you the runaround on pricing. No 'submit a request for a quote'. No vague pricing based on station size. Just straight numbers.

RadioActivity pricing
Service Level DJs Reports Support Cost Clients
Basic up to 100 25/week email $400/year College stations, podcasters, community stations
Midrange up to 200 75/week email $520/year Stations with increased reporting needs
Advanced unlimited unlimited email and phone $640/year Commercial stations, community and college stations with larger-than-average staff
* yearly pricing is shown above, but depending your station's specific needs, there's usually some wiggle room. Contact us for more information if you have questions.

Setup fee

There is a one-time nonrefundable setup fee of $100 for all RadioActivity clients.

General Recordkeeping Consulting also offers general consulting services to people who need help with playlist reporting and recordkeeping. If you are a webcaster, LPFM, CDN, streaming service provider or other entity that needs help with recordkeeping and royalty reporting, please feel free to drop us a line.

Need some help?

If you need a little help with setup and integration, we can help. Just contact us for more information and we can work out a custom quote based on your station specifics.

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